Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do Not Take Your Laptop to Your Vacation!

Dear readers, today I'm going to discuss a crucial geek's dilema: you're planning to go on a vacation away from home, and struggle with yourself: "should I leave my precious toy behind or should I stick with it even when I'm on a vacation?".

I can find a few arguments for you to stick with your plastic baby. no matter what:

First, it's a disgrace for a geek to abandon his/her laptop and just enjoy. For a geek to do such a thing is like for a troop to leave his weapon behind. Shame on you for even considering it!

Second, no vacation can be a real one without some decent gaming time without anyone around nagging you. Once a geek, always a geek.

So taking the laptop on a vacation? some serious arguments against it:

First, a computer is for work. A vacation is the opposite of work. The two just don't mix. If you're on a vacation, you don't involve with objects relating to work.

Second, every minute you spend on your laptop, is minute you don't do what you're supposed to do on a vacation: resting, relaxing, sight-seeing , dancing, eating decently and above all - forgeting about everything..

Third, if you take your laptop with you, your Skype or Messenger will tell all your work colleagues that you're available, and then your so called "vacation" will be over..

My decision - leave the little attention-sucker at home and dedicate the vacation for yourself & for your family. Make the most of your free time because you don't have much!

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